Clean History

Do you know that your computer stores all history traces?

While Internet surfing your browser records all your actions: every website you visited, every search string you entered in search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN), information you entered on websites, and more...

Windows keeps tracks of documents and files you have just downloaded, saved and opened, programs you have run, etc.

Different applications you use keep history tracks in order to provide more pleasant computer experience. E.g. Word and Excel keep information about documents you recently opened and worked with, Google Toolbar remembers the words that you have searched for, and so on.

Even if you delete history files, remove them from your Recycle Bin and even format your hard drive all deleted files are easily recoverable as operating system does not really remove the file from the disk, it only removes the reference to the file from the file system table and it might be possible to recover it.

How to clean Internet history

Why you should clean Internet history
While Internet surfing your browser records:
- every web site you visited
- every search string you entered in search engines
- what images and videos you have seen, files you downloaded
- logins, passwords, credit card numbers and other information you enter when filling web forms, etc.

And all Internet history tracks easily accessed by anyone who can access your computer.

Tips to clean history of your Internet surfing in different browsers
To protect your privacy, you should regularly clean history tracks stored in your browser:
- clean history tracks manually (clean Internet Explorer history, clean history tracks in Firefox, clean history in Opera).
Some Internet history tracks e.g. index files can't be removed manually without special software as they are stored in different system areas and cannot be removed manually.

- clean history tracks using special software.

Note: browser history is just a small part of all history tracks stored on your PC. To completely clean history tracks from your PC, you should also clean history stored by Windows and clean history tracks stored by applications you used.

What Internet history tracks should be cleaned
- clean history of visited sites;
- clean search history;
- clean form data;
- clean cache;
- clean cookies;
- index.dat files;
- clean address bar history;
- delete stored passwords

Why you need clean history software

1. Do you know that your browser, Windows and applications you use store unwanted traces of your Internet history, computer history, and personal information such as passwords, credit card numbers, previously deleted data and more?
All these unnecessary Internet and computer history traces and unwanted files can seriously compromise your privacy.

2. Windows and other applications store lots of unnecessary data and slow down computer performance.

3. Want to permanently delete files from your PC, wipe traces of previously deletes files or wipe your hard drive so nobody could recover them again.

How to clear history

Internet History
clean search history
index files
clean download history
clean address bar

Windows History
Windows Temporary Files
clean Recent documents list
Recently Run Programs

Application history
Windows Media Player
Most Recently Used list in MS Office programs
clean Toolbar history

Saturday, July 22, 2017

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